Friday, 1 April 2011


The story so far... 
July 2010 seven like-minded people all living with autism joined together and formed Autism Campaigners Together ACT NOW.

October 22nd 2010 ACT NOW handed over an Impact Assessment which two thousand nine hundred and forty nine people had contributed to.

The Impact Assessment was handed in to No 10 Downing Street expressing the concerns of the six thousand supporters who had signed in support of the ACT NOW Campaign.

October 28th ACT NOW Phase Two Record the Cuts goes live.

January 2011 ACT NOW opened 13 Regional Group including a group in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We now have 22 Regional Coordinators recording the cuts to services and provisions and sharing information on the Regional Groups.

January 26th ACT NOW met with Jon Cruddas MP (who agreed to become our Patron) and Jonathan Rutherford.

February 9th Phase 3 of the ACT NOW went live and we issued a national call for all adults with autism to be offered an independent advocate/communicator at the first point of contact and before any benefit assessment/review is undertaken.

ACT NOW is being supported by 45 Group who all work with and support families and adults living with autism.

We have the support of 20 MPs, 6 members of the House of Lords and 7 leading autism professionals from the UK.

March 28th ACT NOW met with Liam Byrne Shadow Secretary of State for Works and Pensions and his team to discuss the welfare reforms.

We launch our new video to mark the end of our virtual march on Facebook and the start of World Autism Awarenes Day. ACT NOW supporters kindly gave us photo's of themselves or their children to promote awareness - everyone featured is affected by autism - watch it on our Facebook page, website or blog. We are very grateful and received such a high volume we sadly couldn't use them all. 

ACT NOW is 'Marching on'
We're all in this together,
Standing up for Autism.
Will you stand up with us?
Keep up with us?
Join us?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead.

The Show Must Go On!

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