Monday, 18 April 2011

Correction and apology to the National Autistic Society:

The National Autistic Society (NAS) has been in touch to make us aware of an inaccuracy in a letter written by Terry Rutherford (ACT NOW Area Co-ordinator for the North East of England) to the DWP, with a copy of the letter being sent to Julie Elliot MP.

NAS were made aware of our error by the Department of Work and Pensions.

The letter from Terry states:

"I am also very concerned about the current review being carried out by Professor Harrington. It is my understanding that the leading charities (the National Autistic Society, Mencap and Mind) have now unanimously dissociated themselves from the internal report This does not bode well for the recommendations in Professor Harrington’s report
which is due in the summer."

NAS have made clear to us that the Internal Review which was done by the DWP last year  is the review that they are were not happy with. The points in our blog about the descriptors apply to that review, which were opposed in parliament by the NAS.

NAS are supporting the Harrington Independent Review and believe it contains useful recommendations, which should make a difference. The NAS were asked asked along with Mind and Mencap to develop some recommendations to improve the WCA descriptors, which they have now done as part of their work with the DWP. Their proposals can be viewed here:

ACT NOW would like to apologise to The National Autistic Society for making such a mistake.

ACT NOW Core Group.

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