Friday, 22 April 2011

Lots to do - we're MARCHING ON!

On Wednesday 27th April the All Party Parliamentary Group for Autism (APPGA) is holding a meeting in the House of Commons to discuss the Welfare Reforms. Iain Duncan Smith has been invited to attend. Carole Rutherford (our campaign manager) is an advisory group member of the APPGA has been invited to speak at the meeting - she has accepted the invitation. She will be speaking as a parent of an adult with autism who may be affected by the welfare reforms and will discuss the potential impact on her son’s life. Anna Kennedy and Mavourneen Moore will be attending this very important APPGA meeting on behalf of ACT NOW.

Anna Kennedy will also be attending the live Channel 4 debate on May 11th 'SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS STATEMENT: IS A NEW APPROACH NECESSARY?' The new system aims to empower parents and remove unnecessary bureaucracy: however, will replacing statements give parents more control over their child’s care and development, or does it remove a supportive infrastructure that helps them navigate services and find the right help for their child? A panel of MPs including Sharon Hodgson (Education Minister) will debate this important issue.

Lots to do - we're MARCHING ON!

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