Saturday, 8 January 2011

Please help us to record the cuts!

Check out our new page here for the UK geographical 'record the cuts' groups on Facebook!
We need to do this to assess the impact cuts will have on our supporters.  We require hard evidence that individuals’ health and well-being is being damaged by the actions of central government and councils.

You can assist in three ways: 
  1. By informing us of cuts in your area. Find and join your area Facebook group or email your Co-ordinator direct.
  2. By telling us your story – how the cuts are going to affect you.
  3. By becoming an Area Co-ordinator helping to gather evidence of the cuts
ACT NOW is positively buzzing!   By campaigning together we will achieve change for the better.


raising awareness said...

I have been fighting and fighting for my son to get a full assesment. I KNOW he needs help, and since the age of 2 its been a struggle. He was referred to a pediatrician, and speech therapist as well as a dietitian. They kept telling me they would refer him for said assesment when he got a bit older and now they drag their feet. I spoke with someone from the National Autism Association and explained my sons whole story from the beginning. She agreed he would benefit from an assesment and told me where he should go. She recommended getting a referral there from his GP. We FINALLY got a referral and continue to wait for an appointment or some contact of any sort. We still haven't heard anything but from what the lady at the NAA said, they are overwhelmed with referrals and need more support. My son has just turned 7. This is affecting his social life and studies at school. It is really hard to see him not able to understand or comprehend things and then be treated like he is stupid for it. He is a very caring loving boy, he is intelligent in his own way (could operate a computer and navigate through Internet explorer with ease by the age of 2- yet forgets how to do basic things). He deserves a fair chance in life and support!

Oya's Daughter said...

My story is pretty much the same as above; my son is autistic but I'm also disabled with fibromyalgia and lupus and now housebound. This means my son is also housebound and even though it's very clear that we need support to even go out and about, I'm not getting it. They "don't have the resources" apparently and have frozen care plans. I've appealed twice but nothing doing. Meanwhile the council has just moved into their brand new several billion pound offices and spent a load of cash rebranding the council name.

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