Monday, 17 January 2011

Response from Chris Grayling MP Minister for Employment

We have received a reply to our email letter from Chris Grayling, Department for Work and Pensions and are disappointed to learn that he will not be able to meet with us.  However, he has indicated that he will respond to us on our concerns and we will be pushing for a reply!

Dear Ms. Rutherford (to our Campaign Manager)

Thank you for your email dated 12th December on behalf of ACT NOW in which you detailed continuing concerns about the Work Capability Assessment and its application by ATOS healthcare professionals.

I regret that due to heavy diary commitments I will be unable to meet ACT NOW representatives to discuss these concerns and I hope you will accept my apologies.

However, your fellow Founder of ACT NOW, Alison Wiles, also wrote to the Minister for Disabled People following a discussion with her.  I will be replying to her shortly on a number of issues, and in particular the autism awareness of ATOS healthcare professionals.

I hope this is helpful to you.
with best wishes

Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP
Minister for Employment

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