Monday, 29 November 2010

Area Coordinator Role

The ACT NOW Campaign has now entered its second phase. The founder members of ACT NOW are hoping to be able to work hand in hand with our supporters, so that together we can make sure that we record a comprehensive list of the cuts to support, services and provision in as many areas of England, Scotland and Wales as we can. By recording how the cuts are impacting on families and adults living with autism we will be able to publish a report proving that some of the most vulnerable people in the UK are being affected by the budget cuts to Local Authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Children’s Services, Area Health Authorities as well as the cuts to benefits.
ACT NOW need volunteer coordinators to record the cuts in their areas. We are defining an area by the County Council, Local Authority, Primary Care Trust, Children’s Services and Area Health Authority from whom you receive, or could receive services, support and provision, if you were eligible.
In addition to this we would record any cuts that impact on further and higher education establishments, supported housing/employment etc. We would like if possible to cover and record the cuts across the public, private and voluntary sectors. The more information we can share with each other the more we will know just how much the cuts are going to impact on our lives.
We realise that this looks as if it will involve a great deal of work but the more area coordinators we have the easier the job will become. Any letters that we might ask our coordinators to send to the Local Authorities etc will be written and available to download on our website.
We will help our Area Coordinator to make contact with local support groups both where they live and on-line. This will enable us to find out firsthand how and where the cuts are impacting within the autism community.
What we are NOT asking anyone do to is to snoop or name names. We do not want the names of any of the families in your area who have lost services, provision or support who have been affected by the cuts. We simply want to know the services, provisions and support that have been lost in your area and what those cuts are. We are NOT trying to alienate Local Authorities etc or be in any way vexatious, we simply want to know how the cuts to their budgets have impacted on the services that they offer.

If you are interested in working with us and becoming an ACT NOW Area Coordinator please contact us here or via email  Please also contact us if you have any questions that you would like to ask about the role of an ACT NOW Area Coordinator.
Carole Rutherford - Campaign Manager

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