Sunday, 11 March 2012

Nearly time for change!

World Autism Awareness Day is not far away now and we would love your help so we can put together our next campaign video for release on the day. We want to put together a montage of your words.

What does autism mean to you? How does having autism or living with autism affect your daily life? 

Email , comment here if you're a member of Google or comment using the comment function on Facebook. It's that simple - we really appreciate your input.

We are very excited about our new website, name and logo, which we will launch on World Autism Awareness Day too! It's all happening - no preview though, we're saving it all for the big day!

The Welfare Reform Bill may now 
be law but we're marching on!

ACT NOW will keep campaigning for the welfare
 rights of the autism community right across the UK.

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Anonymous said...

Despite trying to be assessed for Asperger Syndrome through the NHS, I was only diagnosed in a specialised centre abroad at the expense of the UK charitable organisation in which I work. At the moment, my DLA helps reduce the cost to the charity of providing me supported living arrangements. Will that continue?

There are others far more severely affected than myself. Some remain undiagnosed, even though they show problematic symptoms causing them great stress. When will people on the autistic spectrum get the help they need?

If appropriate and timely help is given it can save public expenditure on problems arising from such people not being helped. I’m all in favour of saving public money by giving appropriate support early on.

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