Saturday, 3 March 2012

What do you think about the SEN system?

ACT NOW would like to know what you think needs to change within the SEN system that would improve the quality of life for your child during their time in school?

** We believe there needs to be a level playing field for children with autism. No matter what impact being on the autistic spectrum for each child, they not only require but deserve to be able to access the therapies and interventions that could help to improve their learning and ability to succeed.
In short we believe that every child with autism requires an Education, Health and Social Care Plan to enable them to be all that they can be. Without solid foundations, outcomes and achievements throughout life could be affected.

If we want our children to be part of the workforce when they are adults we need to give them the right tools to enable them to do so when they leave education.

Every child who has a diagnosis of autism has impaired communication, socialisation and imagination. regardless of how verbal they may appear. Every child therefore requires a plan.

 ** It shouldn't go without saying that teachers should have a good, solid working knowledge of ASD's and the impact on children within education in order that they can work with and educate effectively every child. 

** All parents of a child with an ASD should be able to access the SEN system with no barriers and there must be an easy way to challenge the system in place if it isn't working for their child.

Parents must be able to access information about what support they can get for their child - it should be a partnership.

All parents should be treated on an level playing field and fully involved in the entire process.

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