Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We need YOUR help!

Have you had a Work Capability Assessment or are you a carer for someone who is in or has been through the process? We are putting together evidence for the Department of Work and Pensions Year 2 Call for Evidence and need to hear from you about your experience of the assessment.

All information will be treated in confidence and you can remain anonymous. 
Email us at act.now@btinternet.com

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Anonymous said...

Assessed last May 2010,arrived by bus at ATOL examination on time. Forced to wait 30 mins as this was a ploy to spy on me as I had stated I can't sit comfortably or walk normally due to Brain Stem Nystagmus rare ! causes visual and balance problems. Dr ! so called registerd GP stated pack of lies! I have hearing loss due to Industry I worked in, tinnitus, wear a hearing aid but he tried to whisper, another means to undermine my GP, Consultant and more or less implied he diagreed that I cant hear in a normal busy street. Weird 1992 was diagnosed at ENT whilst in employment ? hmm here's some Quack saying all my medical evidence is lies !! Another complete cockup was he stated in his report " A knee problem " strange ! I have arthritis of both knees and waiting for two knee replacements,this was found out in 2004,x-rays. I suppose the Doctor at the Osteo' clinic is telling lies too ! Another major lie from this doctor at ATOS,states I read newspaper ! I have not read a paper in years ! This trumped up arrogant Dr should be struck off by the BMA as he undermine's patient's and his colleagues in the Medical Profession. I was classed as a customer rather than a male person, human, who has significant disabilities hence I am registered Disabled. Fact was a hard working man 'till 1995 left school 1975,why should I let Politician's destroy what life I have left so they can save money ?

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