Friday, 8 July 2011

ACT NOW (Autism Campaigners Together) is ONE!

ACT NOW (Autism Campaigners Together) is ONE!

In a year we have amassed 10,000 supporters 
and are fighting hard along with them for the 
rights of the autism community across the UK. 

Tune in to our new You Tube channel for videos 
from our core group, from our Facebook regional 
group co-ordinators and of course our supporters. 

We will be posting new videos at regular intervals over 
July and will end the month with our new campaign video.

Our latest video lets you see the faces behind the names of the 
core ACT NOW group: Carole, Teresa, Anna and Mavourneen. 

"Social change is like a standing ovation -- at first 
only a few may stand up, then more, then everyone. 
Don't be afraid to stand up and clap for what is right.
Others will follow eventually." - Molly Melching.

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