Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What may happen if Disability Living Allowance is cut - Emma's Story

Today one of our supporters and mum of 3 Emma, all three of her children are on the autistic spectrum, told us of her disatisfaction with the Daily Mirror not covering her story accurately and in full of how losing DLA will affect her family. We quite agree! Her friend and blogger has kindly helped Emma to write her full story which can be found here 
http://www.iamtypecast.com/ along with the Mirror article.

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Anonymous said...

I too have three children with Autism & then they each have other complex issues alongside which I wont list.
Myself and my husband have both given up working to be full time carers to our boys as they require night & day care on top of the appointments, paperwork and the continual fighting for what they need.
If our income is cut I dont know what we will do. We go to bed some times praying none of us wake in the morning its that bad.
We would have to explore the options of giving the boys up as I dont know how we will continue to care for them.
We would and have given up everything to care for our wonderful sons but when we wont be able to even provide them with the basics such as nappies they need (we get 4 a day from NHS for one child but due to other health problems need up to 18 for him alone a day in reality & adult nappies cost quadruple the price of standard), the special food due to dietary needs, the specialised buggies ....the list goes on.
I just cant see how we will cope.
Work is not an option, together we work 24 hours a day as carers saving the government thousands, we sleep in shifts now often only getting 3-4 hours sleep each a night on average & we are offered 3 hours per week respite for ONE of the boys. Even this is due to be cut soon!
Our boys already have so much to contend with & although we hope to give them the skills they need to live as independantly as possible they may never achieve this due to constant regression.
You have to provide mountains of evidence to get support and even then you are lucky if you get any......dont make them suffer more :(

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