Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday Fun! time for a guessing game or a game of Simon Says!

Could the reply ACT NOW received below be a response to our letter to Chris Grayling about our concerns with the DWP factsheet ? how about you decide........let's hear YOUR thoughts!
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Public, Parliament and Stakeholders Division, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NA
Dear Ms Rutherford

Thank you for your recent correspondence. Government Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and they are unable to respond personally on every occasion. As your letter falls within the remit of this Department, we have been asked to respond.

Ministers are considering changes to the support that is available to people who are out of work, including benefits. The Government believes that reform is needed in a number of areas, and major proposals have now been included in the new Welfare Reform Bill, which was presented to Parliament on 16 February. The Bill legislates for the biggest change to the welfare system for over 60 years.

Local Jobcentre Plus staff can provide advice and support to people who are actively looking for work. However, Ministers believe that the current system of back-to-work help needs reform, and that the existing system of benefits often does not encourage people to return to work. They have announced their intention to bring in a new Work Programme later this year, involving private and voluntary sector organisations, which will provide better support for longer-term jobseekers.

The Government also intends to bring in a completely reformed system of benefits for people of working age, by creating a new Universal Credit. These plans, which are covered by the Bill, will radically simplify the system to make work pay and combat worklessness and poverty.

Ministers do welcome all views, and I would like to thank you for your comments. I assure you that they have been duly noted. Information about Government services, and the proposals for reform, can be obtained through the internet at

Yours sincerely

Correspondence Team

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Anonymous said...

"Local Jobcentre Plus staff can provide advice and support"

They gave my daughter NO ADVICE! & NO SUPPORT!


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