Sunday, 6 February 2011

We are delighted to announce our new Supporters!

ACT NOW are very pleased to announce new Supporters for our Campaign!  We will be adding to this list again very soon!

  • Olga Bogdashina MA Education (Autism), PhD (Linguistics) has worked extensively in the field of autism as teacher, lecturer and researcher with a particular interest in sensory-perceptual and communication problems in autism. Olga teaches and lectures around the world. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham University and Consultant Psychologist for Services for Adults with Autism in Doncaster. She has a teenage autistic son.
  • Melissa McAuliffe - Asperger's Specialist for East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dinah Murray PhD - person-centred planning consultant, specialising in the use of IT for people with Autism Spectrum Differences and other learning disabilities
Members of Parliament
  • Luciana Berger - Labour/Co-operative MP Liverpool Wavertree
  • Alex Cunningham - Labour MP Stockton North
  • Andrew Gwynne - Labour MP Denton and Reddish

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