Monday, 28 February 2011

Response from Chris Grayling DWP - Work Capability Assessments

ACT NOW's reply to Mr. Grayling sent today

We thank you for your letter dated 8th February. We have also received a letter from Professor Harrington who tells us that he was copied into your response to our letter dated 18th January.  We are copying Professor Harrington into this letter as well as Iain Duncan Smith and Anne Begg, Chair of the Department of Work and Pensions Select Committee.

ACT NOW seeks reassurance, as do our supporters, that in line with Section 20 part 5 of the Equalities Act an auxiliary aid will be provided for every adult with autism who is asked to take part in a Works Capability Assessment.  

Given that autism affects every aspect of communication, receptive and expressive as well as social communication, we believe that an auxiliary aid (which for an adult with autism would be an advocate/communicator) is a necessary reasonable adjustment. This would help to ensure that adults with autism are not put at a substantial disadvantage in relation to a relevant matter in comparison with persons who are not disabled. 

It is essential to ensure that all of the communication needs of adults with autism are met. We would also state that we believe that it is important that any auxiliary aid that is offered to an adult with autism will be independent and not part of the DWP.
Yours sincerely

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