Monday, 2 April 2012

World Autism Awareness Day 2012

 Act Now For Autism.

We are delighted to share our latest campaign video, released today on our 
You Tube channel and new website to mark World Autism Awareness Day. 

Once again, some of our supporters have given us a snapshot 
of their lives and continue to be the voice of Act Now For Autism

We are very grateful to all who contributed. Without your words we couldn't 
have made this and couldn't continue to successfully campaign across the UK. 

More stories from some of our 12,000+ supporters across the UK will be 
published here and on our website over the rest of Autism Awareness Month. 

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Anna Kennedy said...

I am Proud to be Co Founder of Act Now for Autism please share this informative and powerful message to people who will listen and take note. Thank you Anna Kennedy

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