Thursday, 26 January 2012

Autism As A First Language

Tomorrow (Friday 27th January) Carole and Teresa are going to Stirling to have a meeting with Anne McGuire MP, Shadow Minister for Disabled People as part of the Shadow DWP team.

We are renewing our call for trained autism advocates to be offered (by DWP/JCP) to every adult with autism when they are faced with an assessment/reassessment and will give her our latest evaluation of the situation the autism community finds itself in - Autism As A First Language. (to be published here tomorrow)

The Welfare Reform Bill is going back into the Commons and so we have to fight harder to ensure the needs of the autism community across the UK are taken into consideration when any 'tweaks' are made to the new structure of the welfare system.

We also have to discuss some of the statements made by Liam Byrne and other Labour MP's regarding Welfare Reform and challenge Labour on it's rather lacklustre opposition to these devastating cuts, which we believe to be immoral and cruel.

Watch this space - we will let you know how the meeting goes!

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