Sunday, 20 November 2011


It's been a quiet few weeks for autism in the news but here's a brief round-up of recent headlines:

Bishops came out to criticise the Welfare Reform Bill - however, they really didn't go far enough as they stopped short of defending people with disability in their criticism:

The NAS issued a statement saying there have been 'new victories' following their campaign for adults with autism claiming of DLA (soon to be PIP) - as with the Bishops, we don't feel NAS have gone far enough:

 Citizens Advice Scotland have called on all political parties to re-affirm their commitment to the principles of the welfare state:

Keith Duffy has quite his high-profile role in Corrie to spent more time at home with his son and daughter, who is autistic:

Anna Kennedy highlighted the scandal of the bullying autistic children face in mainstream schools during anti-bullying week:

Peterborough County Council approved a new school for mainly autistic pupils:

Sadly Suffolk County Council announced £50m cuts, £15m to come out of the adult social care budget - this is very worrying news:

And to end on a positive note:

Rafa Benetez opened the new Wirral Centre, which will provide much needed support for adults and their families in the Wirral and across other counties:

More next week - we hope you've had a good weekend!

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