Monday, 20 May 2013

Feeling The Impact

Are you feeling the impact of the cuts to LA 
budgets or changes to our benefit system?
It’s not just about money, many parents and carers are being placed under extreme pressure because of the cuts to budgets and changes to benefits.

How are the cuts and benefit changes impacting on your lives? Have you lost any services or do you have to fight to keep them? Have any of your front line professionals left leaving fewer people to work with more families? Are you feeling the impact of the 'bedroom tax'?

We at Act Now for Autism are in the process of updating our 2010 Impact Assessment Report. Our follow-on report ‘Feeling the Impact’ will be launched at The Autism Show in Manchester on Saturday 29th June. 
Would you be willing to write a short piece about how the cuts or benefit changes have impacted on your life? We don’t need names but we need to know the LA region as we would like to cover as much of the UK as we can. 
If you could help us with our new report please get in touch via email:
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Thank you